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Stop Listening to Those Who are Selling You Failure

I guarantee that someone in your life has told you to give up, to not try, to take the easy path. Someone has told you that you are not good enough, not strong enough, not smart enough.

Whether it's your parents, your friends or your enemies, there is no shortage of people in life who will tell you to not go after your goals because THEY don't think you will make it. What do you think?

If you feel something inside you urging you toward greatness, listen to that. That voice inside you that tells you to reach for the stars knows you better than anyone else and knows what you can accomplish.

Why would you listen to someone who doesn't know you as well as you know yourself? People who tell you that you will fail are not basing their assessment on you but on themselves. Fear of failure is what holds people back, and unfortunately, they project it onto others.

This projection comes in two varieties. There are those who care about you and don't want to see you fall. Their m…
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These may be the most important words you hear today.

Credit Fearless Motivation

You Are Not Going to Make It! Stop Following your Dreams: A Motivational Speech

It doesn't matter if you are trying to make it in Hollywood, make it to that big office with a view, make it down to your high-school weight. The fact is you will not make it. Did you hear me? You will not make it unless you MAKE it! What does that mean? People tell you to follow your dreams. Don't listen to that noise. If you are following your dreams, answer me this: Where are they going?

Understand that your dreams are just an idea, an idyllic view of what your life could be. Dreams without action and without goals are just fantasy and no one ever fantasizes themselves to where they want to be in life. Stop following your dreams and start following the path that takes you to where dreams become reality. I say to take a path, but sometimes there won't be one and you will have to build a road. Brick by brick you build and you build until you have created the reality that you once dreamed of. Decide to be the person who builds their dream into reality, not the person who …

Can you make money on HQ Trivia?

Yes you can make money playing a game on your phone but don't plan on using HQ Trivia to pay your bills. The popular trivia game app allows players the chance to win real money paid into your Paypal account. The great thing is that it's an actual payment, not points, credits or coins redeemable for e-gift cards or some other nonsense. you can make actual money by answering trivia, but there are some things to consider.

How much can I make on HQ Trivia?

This depends on several factors, but the average payout is around $10-$12. This is not a huge paycheck, but it's not bad for playing a game.

How do I win HQ Trivia?

To win, you have to answer all the questions correctly. You don't get anything for answering some questions correctly, only if you answer them all right. if multiple people answer all 12 correct, the prize is divided between all winners. if nobody wins, the prize rolls over to the next game increasing the jackpot.


The odds of winning big are not g…

Who Do You Inspire?

People Often ask "Who or what inspires you?"

I think they are asking the question backwards. Ask yourself "Who and what do I inspire?"

Inspiration of self is the basis of motivation. Of course it is important to be motivated to work, pursue and achieve, but it is at least as important to inspire and motivate others. All pursuits of success involve a community. You cannot make a career in sales without customers, you can't be a successful writer without readers.

To truly achieve success, you have to build a relationship with your audience. You have to offer something engaging and important. You have to give people a reason to be your fan or your customer. You have to look outside yourself and forget about what you want to accomplish for just a second and think about what you can provide to someone else.

Not only is it important to know your audience so you market to their wants and needs, but looking at how you inspire others gives great insight into your stren…

How To Promote Amazon eBook For Free or Little Cost: A guide For The Self Publisher

Many people starting out in self publishing ask how to promote an Amazon eBook. Amazon is a great resource for publishing and selling your own work, however, it can be kind of intimidating trying to compete with all the authors and publishers out there. It can feel like after putting so much work into writing your book, it's not going to go anywhere as it's lost in the vast library of amazon eBooks. This is where promotion comes in. The key is to get your work seen and that can't happen without some clever promotion strategies. Below are some of the best tips for those starting out.

Engage readers with a compelling preview

The first section preview on amazon is a very important step to getting people to buy your book. When a user clicks or taps on “Look inside the book” they are already interested in your book based on the cover and description. What they are doing now is looking at your writing style and story structure to decide if it's worth buying.

Your goal is…

The Secret to My Success: The One Insane Thing I Did to Make a Career as a Writer

Online writing...How I got Started

Like a lot of people, When I was in my early adult years I had no clear direction. I was going to College for Criminal Justice Administration but had no real plan other than "Get a degree--get a job." The biggest thing I got out of my time in college had nothing to do with my degree program. It was the knowledge that I had a skill for words. Writing English papers and excelling in English comp 1 and 2 showed me where my talent was. I continued to pursue Criminal Justice which lead me to a job in which I would ultimately stay too long. Most of us know what it is like to have a job that pays the bills but doesn't fulfill our desires and doesn't give our lives meaning. That is exactly where I was. I was stuck in a job that was not for me.

For years I stayed at this unfulfilling job. I did online writing on the side. My first real foray into this kind of work was on a website called Associated content which later became The Yahoo Contrib…