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How to Write an Ebook That Sells

How to write an ebook

Plan Your eBook

Your first step is deciding what type of book to write. This involves more than you probably think. The fact is you have to look at what you want to accomplish with your book. If you are wanting to make money, your detective novel is probably not going to do it for you. If you want to turn a profit there are types of books that just sell more than others, and more than likely they are not categories you feel passionate about. Ultimately you have to weigh your passion against profitability. Maythebe you have this great idea for a story about a vampire who falls in love with a zombie and you know it's original, engaging and bound to be the next Harry Potter, well, statistically it won't be. Very few people make it big with their passion projects. Non fictions, how to guides and other boring fair bring in more money. That being said, what if J.K Rowling had given up her passion project for profitability instead? You can be very sure that she would not have the financial success she does today if she had published DIY books and technical manuals. - Read eBooks using the FREE Kindle Reading App on Most Devices

There are exceptions to every rule and the above is a great example. Your odds of making significant money off of your fiction novel are very slim, however, people do it and those who do find success from such projects have great potential for a large income boost. Sure you could sell a lot of eBooks about organic gardening but they will never be made into movies earning you royalties, there will be no merchandising, there will be only the sales of your book. It comes down to deciding how much risk you want to take. You can play it safe by writing popular evergreen topics that are likely to generate moderate income, or you can focus on your big art project hoping to ride it to fame and fortune, while understanding that alternatively it could never end up finding its audience and leave you with little to no financial gain from all your hard work. I also want to note that money isn't the only thing. If your dream is to be w writer and you have a story to tell and if that dream is more important to you than your wallet, then go for it.

Research eBook Topics

The thing about writing success is that you have to look a lot at popularity and find the sweet spot for your writers voice that will reach the largest audience. It's very difficult because you have to write about a topic that is popular enough to serve a large audience but not so over-saturated with content that yours drowns in the sea of competition. The biggest selling eBook or blog is going to be on a topic that a lot of people want to read about but but nobody is writing about. Sadly this does not exist. your first step should be to look at the top selling books to see what is most popular. This is very easy. All you have to do is to go to Amazon and look at the top sellers and you have an idea of what sells best. Here's the thing, You will likely see a lot of romance novels, and you might think "That looks easy. I can do that." It's easy to think you could churn out some cheesy romance and make big bucks because there is a built in audience that eats it up. After all Fifty Shades of Grey made it's author millions and she is not even a skilled writer. The problem is that these super popular topics have so much content out there that you pretty much assure failure if you decide to be a little fish have to find something that connects to a lot of people

Decide Where to Sell Your eBook

When it comes to self publishing, the online marketplace offers numerous options. Some independent authors have had success marketing their works through their own websites, however, this is not an easy route and requires a huge amount of time and effort to get your work seen. Often the better option for new writers is to go through established sites like Amazon. I'll discuss two good options here: Amazon Kindle and Smashwords . Each has it's own advantages. Both allow you topublish for free and earn royalties on all sales. Smashwords offers up to 85 percent on net sales of your eBook, while Amazon pays either a 35% or 70% royalty depending on the price set and whether or not you publish exclusively through them.

Which is better Smashwords or Amazon? This is not an easy question to answer. Smashwords markets your work to nearly every E-Reader platform, while Amazon is exclusive to their kindle. So essentially Smashwords offers more marketplaces, while Amazon offers the biggest marketplace. it's kind of like asking if you want your product sold at 50 garage sales or one Walmart. Amazon is a huge market and offers a potentially very large audience but that also means a lot of competition. Either one is a good place to start, but for ease of use and market audience Kindle has a bit of an edge in amazon vs smashwords.

Write your Ebook

You probably don't think you need this section. You already know what you want to write and you want to know how to make money. Well the thing is if you want to make money from an eBook you must take time to ensure that your book is well written, properly formatted and presented professionally. typos, misspelling and formatting errors can quickly derail your dreams of success. Remember we live in a digital world where everyone seems compelled to express their often negative opinion. If the first person who downloads your book writes a bad review because it was formatted poorly or had numerous typos, then everyone else who sees it is going to look at that one star and will likely keep scrolling.
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Market Your Ebook

Marketing is vital to success. You have to paths to choose from. There are paid marketing options in which you buy advertising space for your book, and then there are free promotion options. Free options include Amazon's free book promotion and countdown deals and of course your own use of social media. If you want your work to get out there and get seen then twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc are your best friend. Just remember you can't make money from an eBook that nobody knows about. You could write the best book ever and never make a penny if you don't market it.

Keys to Remember

Quality: Write what you write well, not what other people are successful with. take time to proofread, edit and do all the stuff that isn't fun to make sure you are turning out the best product. Have a sales plan: Don't just write and wait for the money to roll in. Sell: This is not just a creative writing game. It is sales. We all want to believe that our work will soar on its own merits, but in reality we have to look beyond our connection to our work and look at it as sales. Market, advertise and share! These are your keys to a successful eBook.

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