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The Secret to My Success: The One Insane Thing I Did to Make a Career as a Writer

Online writing...How I got Started

Like a lot of people, When I was in my early adult years I had no clear direction. I was going to College for Criminal Justice Administration but had no real plan other than "Get a degree--get a job." The biggest thing I got out of my time in college had nothing to do with my degree program. It was the knowledge that I had a skill for words. Writing English papers and excelling in English comp 1 and 2 showed me where my talent was. I continued to pursue Criminal Justice which lead me to a job in which I would ultimately stay too long. Most of us know what it is like to have a job that pays the bills but doesn't fulfill our desires and doesn't give our lives meaning. That is exactly where I was. I was stuck in a job that was not for me.

For years I stayed at this unfulfilling job. I did online writing on the side. My first real foray into this kind of work was on a website called Associated content which later became The Yahoo Contrib…