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Who Do You Inspire?

People Often ask "Who or what inspires you?"

I think they are asking the question backwards. Ask yourself "Who and what do I inspire?"

Inspiration of self is the basis of motivation. Of course it is important to be motivated to work, pursue and achieve, but it is at least as important to inspire and motivate others. All pursuits of success involve a community. You cannot make a career in sales without customers, you can't be a successful writer without readers.

To truly achieve success, you have to build a relationship with your audience. You have to offer something engaging and important. You have to give people a reason to be your fan or your customer. You have to look outside yourself and forget about what you want to accomplish for just a second and think about what you can provide to someone else.

Not only is it important to know your audience so you market to their wants and needs, but looking at how you inspire others gives great insight into your strengths and direction. If you look around you and really study your interactions with those close to you, you will notice that you are an inspiration without trying.

If you have children, watch how they try to mimic you and what they pick up on the most. Is it your strength? Your kindness? Your intelligence? Look to family, friends, coworkers. You will notice people are drawn to you for a reason. Perhaps your sense of humor, maybe your welcoming and charitable nature, maybe you lift others up or show people a different perspective. Whatever it is that draws people into your circle...this is your gift.

We often go through life not recognizing our true talents and strengths. All we have to do, however, is look around us. We all have the potential to build something great and achieve success. Even at the starting point of our journey we already have our first fans. We just need to look.


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