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Can you make money on HQ Trivia?

Yes you can make money playing a game on your phone but don't plan on using HQ Trivia to pay your bills. The popular trivia game app allows players the chance to win real money paid into your Paypal account. The great thing is that it's an actual payment, not points, credits or coins redeemable for e-gift cards or some other nonsense. you can make actual money by answering trivia, but there are some things to consider.

How much can I make on HQ Trivia?

This depends on several factors, but the average payout is around $10-$12. This is not a huge paycheck, but it's not bad for playing a game.

How do I win HQ Trivia?

To win, you have to answer all the questions correctly. You don't get anything for answering some questions correctly, only if you answer them all right. if multiple people answer all 12 correct, the prize is divided between all winners. if nobody wins, the prize rolls over to the next game increasing the jackpot.


The odds of winning big are not great for the majority of people. The odds of winning at all are not fantastic for most. Unless you are a true trivia buff, getting 12 questions right is going to be a challenge, and if you are a casual player (not a trivia god) your winnings will likely be split with many other players. To win a big payout, you would have to be the sole winner or one of few winners of a big jackpot. The majority of people are simply not going to be able to achieve this level of success. But if you are a trivia genius or you are happy to just play and maybe win a few bucks, give HQ Trivia a try.


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